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Newly opened online course for Winter Session 2018! Sign up for RELG 101-41: Understanding Religion (enroll code 10131). Fulfills the General Education F2 Requirement: Philosophical and Religious Perspectives

In Fall 2017, the Department of Religion will offer the following courses:

Number Name Professor Requirement
RELG 101 Introduction to Religion Dr. Rogers Approaches/
Gen Ed F2
RELG 200 Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures Dr. Antonova Texts
RELG 217 Taoism Dr. Vail Global
RELG 246 Islamic Religions Dr. Ibrahim Global/
Gen Ed K2
RELG 250 African Religions Dr. Temoney Global/
Gen Ed K2
RELG 275 Inter-religious Encounters (cross listed w/HONP) Dr. Clatterbuck Issues
RELG 286/386 Issues: Religious Violence Dr. Soboslai Issues


  • All RELG courses are open to students in any major; for pre-req and/or permit info:
  • Religion Majors – take courses from each of these areas: Texts (2), Issues (2), Approaches (2), Global Religious Traditions (RELG 100 + 3 other courses).
  • Courses that also serve as GenEd requirements – RELG 100, RELG 101, and RELG 221 – are offered every semester.