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Multifaith Religious Observances Calendar

In accordance with the Religious Holidays Policy: “Instructors have been requested to consider days of religious observance as they schedule key dates in their courses.” In addition, staff and students are encouraged to do the same in their planning.

As a service to the university community, the Department of Religion has created and will maintain an evolving religious observances calendar on its website that is meant to serve as a scheduling and educational tool. The calendar is not an endorsement of what is, or is not, considered a “religion” and will be periodically updated with the input of the university community. Questions or suggested additions may be directed to

  • The calendar is not exhaustive nor prescriptive and is meant to reflect common observances of those in our diverse community. Any omitted observance is not an attempt at exclusion. A more comprehensive list and explanation of observances may be found here.
  • Given the diversity of our community, it may not be possible to accommodate the observances of all students within the schedule of a particular course or other university-related activity. In this case, advance notice to the instructor or other university community member is essential to a conversation about any appropriate, individual accommodation.
  • Observances reflected on the calendar do not guarantee an accommodation nor do observances that are not reflected bar an accommodation. Please direct questions about accommodations to the Office of the Dean of Students at

* Jewish, Muslim, and Baha’i holy days begin at sundown on the first day indicated. Dates may not be fixed to a calendar but based on the actual sighting of the moon; there may be variance by a day. An explanation of each observance may be found here.
** Holy days on which absence from work or school is common.

Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Roman Catholic Christian Jan. 1 Saturday
Feast of the Epiphany / Theophany Orthodox Christian Jan. 6 Thursday
**Christmas / Feast of the Nativity Orthodox Christian Jan. 7 Friday
Lunar Bodhi Day Mahayana Buddhist Jan. 10 Monday
Jashne Sadeh Zoroastrian Jan. 30 Sunday
Lunar New Year Confucianist/Taoist /Buddhist Feb. 1 Tuesday
Hopi Holy Cycle American Indian Feb. 1 Tuesday
Imbolc Wicca/Neopagan Feb. 1 – 2 Tuesday – Wednesday
Lantern Festival Taoist Feb. 15 Tuesday
**Ayyam-i-Ha Baha’i *Feb. 26 – Mar. 1 Saturday – Tuesday
Lailat al Miraj Islamic Feb. 28 Tuesday
Maha Shivaratri Hindu Mar. 1 Tuesday
Ash Wednesday Roman Catholic Christian Mar. 2 Wednesday
Losar Tibetan Buddhist Mar. 3 – 5 Thursday – Saturday
Ash Wednesday Roman Catholic/ Protestant Christian Mar. 9 Wednesday
Orthodox Great Lent Orthodox Christian Mar. 7 – Apr. 23 Monday – Saturday
Purim Jewish Mar. 16 – 17 Wednesday – Thursday
Holi Hindu Mar. 18 Friday
Ostara Wicca/Neopagan Mar. 20 Sunday
Shinbun no Hi Shinto Mar. 21 Monday
Nowruz Parsi/Zoroastrian Mar. 21 – 22 Monday – Tuesday
Annunciation Catholic/Protestant/ Orthodox Christian Mar. 25 Friday
Ramadan (30 days) Islamic *Apr. 2 – May 2 Saturday – Monday
Qingming Taoism Apr. 5 Tuesday
Palm Sunday Catholic and Protestant Christian Apr. 10 Sunday
Mahavir Jayanti Jain Apr. 14 Thursday
Maundy Thursday Catholic Christian Apr. 14 Thursday
Vaisakhi Hindu/Sikh/Buddhist Apr. 14 Thursday
**Good Friday Catholic and Protestant Christian Apr. 15 Friday
**Passover (Pesach-8 days) Jewish *Apr. 15 – 23 Friday – Saturday
Hanuman Jayanti Hinduism Apr. 16 Saturday
**Easter Catholic and Protestant Christian Apr. 17 Sunday
Palm Sunday Orthodox Christian Apr. 17 Sunday
**Ridvan Bahá’í *Apr. 21 – May 2 Thursday – Monday
**Pascha / Orthodox Easter Orthodox Christian Apr. 24 Sunday
Yom HaShoah Jewish *Apr. 27 – 28 Sunday – Monday
Lailat al-Qadr Islamic Apr. 28 Monday
Beltane Wicca/Neopaganism May 1 Sunday
**Eid al-Fitr Islamic *May 2 – 3 Monday – Tuesday
Vesak (Buddha Day) Buddhist May 6 Friday
Buddha’s Birthday Buddhist May 8 Sunday
*Declaration of the Bab Bahá’í May 24 Tuesday
*Ascension of Baha’u’llah Bahá’í May 29 Sunday
Shavuot Jewish Jun. 4 – 6 Saturday – Monday
Feast of Pentecost Catholic Christian Jun. 5 Sunday
Litha-Yule (Solstice) Wicca/Neopagan Jun. 21 Tuesday
**Eid al-Adha Islamic *Jul. 9 – 10 Saturday – Sunday
First of Muharram Islamic Jul. 29 Friday
Lughnasadh-Imbolc Wicca/Neopagan Aug. 1 Monday
**Ashura Islamic *Aug. 7 – 8 Sunday – Monday
Ghost Festival (Zhon Yuan Jie) Taoist Aug. 22 Monday
Paryushan Parvarambha Jain Aug. 24 Wednesday
Ganesh Chaturthi Hindu Aug. 31 Wednesday
Chuseok/Mid-Autumn Festival/Mooncake Festival Confucian/Taoist/Buddhist Sept. 10 Saturday
Mabon Wicca/Neopagan Sept. 23 Friday
**Rosh Hashanah (New Year) Jewish *Sept. 25 – 27 Sunday – Tuesday
Navratri Hindu Sept. 26 – Oct. 5 Monday – Wednesday
**Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) Jewish *Oct. 4-5 Tuesday – Wednesday
Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles-7 days Jewish *Oct. 9 – 16 Sunday – Sunday
Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah Jewish Oct. 16 – 18 Sunday – Tuesday
Diwali Jain/Sikh/Hindu Oct. 24 Monday
*Birth of the Bab Bahá’í Oct. 25 – 26 Tuesday – Wednesday
Samhain Wicca/Neopagan Oct. 31 – Nov. 1 Monday – Tuesday
All Saints Day/Day of the Dead Catholic Christian Nov. 1 Tuesday
Guru Nanak Gurpurab Sikh Nov. 8 Tuesday
Advent Catholic and Protestant Christian/Orthodox Christian Nov. 27 – Dec. 24 / Nov. 15 – Dec. 24 Sunday – Saturday
Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary/Feast of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Christian Dec. 8 Thursday
Bodhi Day (Rohatsu) Buddhist Dec. 8 Thursday
Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Christian Dec. 12 Monday
Chanukah Jewish *Dec. 18 – 26 Sunday – Monday
Yalda Zoroastrian Dec. 21 Wednesday
**Christmas Catholic and Protestant Christian Dec. 25 Sunday
Feast of the Holy Family Catholic Christian Dec. 30 Friday