Photo of pastoral German village at sunset.


The German-speaking world has been home to Mozart and Bach, Nietzsche and Heidegger, Klimt and Klee, Einstein and Bohr. Germany today is the strongest economy in Europe, has one of the fastest-growing independent art scenes (in Berlin), and is a worldwide research leader in fields from renewable energy to nanotechnology. Become fluent in German and explore the rich, complex history and culture of one of the most influential countries in Europe through this multi-faceted and engaging course of study.

Career Opportunities

  • Opportunities for Language Majors
  • Teacher
  • Translator
  • Travel Guide
  • International Business Person
  • International Event Planner
  • International Consultant
  • Tutor
  • Au Pair
  • UN Worker

Undergraduate Programs

BA in German

In the German Baccalaureate program, we offer coursework in basic language courses, conversation and composition, translation, as well as German literature, history, and culture courses such as ‘Nazi Cinema and Propaganda,’ ‘The Divided Germany,’ and ‘German Fairy Tales.’

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Minor in German

The Minor in German is an eighteen-credit program available to undergraduate students from any major. Students will take a combination of introductory and elective courses in Intermediate and Advanced German, as well as literature, history, and culture courses.

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