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Restoring Deleted Content

If you accidentally delete content from your Canvas course, you can bring back some deleted items by using the Restore Deleted Items option. Additionally, you are able to revert changes made on Pages using the Version History option. Both options are described below.

Restoring Deleted Items

The Restore Deleted Items option is located in your Course Settings.

  • Click Settings in your Canvas course menu.
Screenshot displaying the Restore Deleted Items button
  • Click Restore Deleted Items.
  • Click Restore next to the item you wish to bring restore.
Screenshot depicting the restore button for individual items

Note: There are limitations to this function; not all deleted items can be brought back. Keep in mind that some items may lose their associated data when they were deleted. You should make sure you confirm the results of any restores you perform.

Restoring a Previous Version of a Page

When you edit course pages, you can view the page history and see the date, time, and author of any changes made to the page. Page editors can also roll back the page content to a previous version of the page.

  • Navigate to the Page you wish to revert changes on.
  • On the page, select the button [1] and then click on View Page History [2].
Screenshot pointing to the "..." button that contains the View Page History option
  • A Revision History sidebar will open up. Select the version you’d like to restore [1], and then click Restore this revision [2].
Screenshot depicting the revision history of a page, including the editor's name, date, and time of the revision.