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Destany Armani George

BA in Family Science and Human Development with a Concentration in Family Services with a minor in Social Work 

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Destany Armani George

Name: Destany Armani George
Program (Degree and Major): BA in Family Science and Human Development with a Concentration in Family Services with a minor in Social Work

1. Please tell us about your plans post-graduation.

After graduating, I will be volunteering as a full-time missionary with a non-profit organization called Circuit Riders under the covering of Youth With a Mission. . I will also hope to be spending my summer with an orphanage in Mexico called “La Mission” to serve and uplift the children there to dream passed the limits of their current status quo.

2. What were the best parts of your program?

The best part of my program is the curriculum and the community, I started off as an aspiring mathematics teacher when I hit rock bottom during COVID-19. I was able to take a focus-2 test that helped direct me to the Family Science program, I was welcomed and directed in a way that allowed the big switch between majors to be smooth sailing. The curriculum made me want to search for my “why”!

3. What was your favorite class or experience in the program, and why was that so important to you?

My favorite class would be Exploring Family Diversity (FSHD 225) because it gave me the opportunity to break down the biases I had on the culture of other families outside of my own and it made me want to dig deeper into the structure of families’ impact on a children’s ability to strive in social, educational, and economic backgrounds.

4. Why did you choose this field of study? Why did you choose the program at Montclair State University?

It wasn’t until this semester that I understood “why” I switched majors; I spent the last month in Tijuana, Mexico serving refugee camps, orphanages, rehabilitation, and homeless ministries. The heart of broken families has always been a part of my life story. Coming from a background where I was hurt by the actions of my loved ones or the boundaries of having an immigrant family limited my ability to dream outside of the box. Montclair State gave me the foundation, I needed to see a need and fill the need.

My field of study is to inspire foreign, broken, and hopeless families that help is on its way.

I am grateful for the FSHD community because they are raising up the next generation of educators; I was told at a young age that “children are the future”.
At 22 years old, I dedicated my life to the call of missions and to sharing positivity and hope with every nation. Teaching English, helping bridge the gap between lands for the safety and restoration of the future generation.

To graduates; We have reached the time of impact. We have the tools and wisdom to carry nations. Congratulations, I can not wait to be back in Jersey to cheer every single one of you as we step into our callings! See you all very soon!