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Koralee Grullón ’19

Master of Arts in Counseling, Concentration in Student Affairs in Higher Education

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Name: Koralee Grullón
Program (Degree and Major): Master of Arts in Counseling, Concentration in Student Affairs in Higher Education
Graduation Date/Expected Graduation Date: May 2019

Please tell us about what you are currently doing.

I am currently working at Montclair State University as a Career Advisor and Employer Relations Specialist at the College of Science and Mathematics.

Why did you choose this field of study? Why did you choose the program at Montclair State University?

I chose the field of counseling because I realized how important mental health is and how much of a difference a good and competent counselor can do. I chose the program at Montclair because it was accredited, and I knew how important that would be for any future career decisions that I made. While doing my research Montclair State had a great counseling program and it was close enough to home that I could still work full time and go to school. I had an amazing academic advisor during my undergrad and it clicked that I wanted to work in Higher Ed. So I chose the Higher Ed concentration.

What were the best parts of your program?

The best parts of the program for me were the class discussions. I loved it when the professors would open up a discussion and we would all talk about our opinions and thoughts on a certain topic. I feel that I learned just as much from my peers as I did from the professors. I feel that it also helped us realize how important it is for us to have a support system and soundboard where we could bounce off ideas.

What was your favorite class or experience in the program, and why was that so important to you?

My favorite experience was practicum and internship. Technically I was doing a career change and practicum and internship was an amazing way for me to get hands-on experience in the field I wanted to get into. So even though I huffed and puffed about having to get another job, it’s an experience that I would not have traded for anything in the world.

Now that you are working in your field, how did your program prepare you for this position?

My program prepared me because it gave me a great foundation that I use in my job every day. It gave me the techniques and experience that I would need when working with students.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your program, the College of Education & Human Services, or Montclair State University that we haven’t asked about?

One thing about Montclair State University is that they really value their alumni because they understand that they are producing quality professionals.