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Dr. Stephanie Silvera Comments on Monkeypox

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Dr. Stephanie Silvera

Dr. Stephanie Silvera, Professor in the Public Health Department, was interviewed by ABC News about how colleges should prepare for the potential spread of monkeypox on campuses. Silvera also commented on the monkeypox outbreak for and Long Island’s Newsday.

“I think college campuses need to be very aware of the possibility” of monkeypox spreading into their student populations, Dr. Silvera said. “It would be foolish to think that it won’t happen on these college campuses where we know that infectious diseases have the opportunity to spread quickly.”

“Some universities had isolation housing for COVID, but most of those have sort of relinquished that inventory so that we can have more students living on campus, and so making sure we have the space for those students to stay safe is going to be very important,” Dr. Silvera said.