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Dr. Stephanie Silvera Featured on 2022 NJBiz Education List

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Dr. Stephanie Silvera

Dr. Stephanie Silvera, Professor in the Public Health Department, was recently named to the 2022 NJBiz Education List, along with President Koppell.

NJBiz wrote: “Dr. Silvera is a public health professor at Montclair State University. As an academic expert on epidemiology, she’s offered insights into COVID-19 concerns in a frank and astute manner since the onset of the pandemic. When the governor announced he would end testing mandates for unvaccinated educators and child care workers, Silvera called it like she saw it in a report by, “I think they’re [the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] recognizing even though COVID is still out there and killing people, most people have decide[d] they no longer want to deal with it. … Even though I don’t think (Murphy’s decision) [is] a great idea for a public health prevention process, I can understand politically why it was done.” Now, she’s also using her platform – in addition to the aforementioned report, Silvera has been featured by numerous media outlets, including this one – to offer guidance as coeds head back to college, and shared living spaces, at the same time that concern about the potential for spread of the monkeypox virus looms.”

Additionally, Dr. Silvera is mentioned in this article about the upcoming flu season and appeared on NJ Spotlight News with Brianna Vinnozzi to discuss why President Biden’s statement to CBS that the “pandemic is over” may make it harder to convince people to get the bivalent booster as we head into colder months.