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Balancing Audiology and Exercise Science Needs

Posted in: College News and Events, College Spotlight, Communication Sciences Disorders, Exercise Science and Physical Education

Audiology student Natalie Niyazov wears virtual reality goggles to test her balance using a cutting-edge system acquired by Montclair.

Montclair State University’s Audiology Clinic was recently featured in University News for their innovative balance assessment and research. Students utilize the Bertec CDP Virtual Reality Balance System, a cutting-edge virtual reality technology, to evaluate gait, identify balance disorders, and assess fall risk in clients. Situated within CCHL’s Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, the integration of this distinctive virtual reality system not only broadens students’ research opportunities, but also promises to significantly enhance the clinic’s ability to address balance-related issues in its clientele. Audiology Clinic Director Faith Mogila and Exercise Science and Physical Education Assistant Professor Luis Torres provide valuable insights into the role of advanced technology in diagnosing and managing balance disorders.

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