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Center for Leadership and Engagement

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Our Center promotes a shared economy of student engagement! Immerse yourself in a variety of opportunities to help foster a deeper sense of learning. By creatively and purposefully connecting to a series of experiences over time, gain a high sense of intellectual growth necessary for a complex global community.

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Our Center stimulates leadership and intellectual curiosity! Enhance your personal, professional and academic leadership skills through a series of intentional and guided activities. Leadership Development at Montclair State recently received a global ranking for the Top Three Educational institutions with a leadership certificate program and gained a LEAD500 Award for the fourth year in a row!

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KIPP Students

Our Center serves students who are part of the nationally recognized “Knowledge Is Power Program”, referred to as KIPP. In concert with KIPP counselors, we help students navigate the academic, social and financial obstacles that may be encountered throughout their time at the university.

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Veteran Students

Our Center provides Veterans and current service members with the tools they need to succeed. We assist students in their transition, and from application to graduation, we help students connect with the necessary campus and off-campus resources, as well as other service members.

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