Photograph of several painted rocks

Campus Rocks

Built on a rock quarry, Montclair State University has a long standing tradition of large rocks painted to celebrate our campus organizations and departments. Check out the map below to find your organization’s rock!

Rock Policy

The word “rock” as it refers to organizations recognized by Montclair State University shall be defined as any painted or unpainted large rock structure or “stand alone” boulder of any size. This includes all natural and man-made formations. All rocks are considered and shall remain the property of Montclair State University. All access to aforementioned rocks is solely at the permission of the University.

As per the University Senate motion #96014 of September 18, 1996, the No Rock Paint Zone is as follows: ‘a line running east-west from Center for Environmental and Life Sciences (CELS) Building between Mallory and Richardson, in front of the Student Center, between Partridge and the Student Center and through Lot 14 (now excavated) would signify a “No Paint Zone” to the south. This “No Paint Zone” is essentially the academic core. Painted rocks that are currently in this area will be removed or returned to their natural state.’ [Note: Mallory Hall is now known as Schmitt Hall]

Any organization wishing to paint or otherwise alter the state of any rock on campus or in the surrounding environs (this includes repainting a rock your organization already has) must apply to the Center for Student Involvement prior to ANY actions. Organizations may not “tag” rocks prior to consulting with the Center for Student Involvement. Requests from Greek organizations will be reviewed by the Coordinator for Greek Life. Each organization must complete a form detailing the location of the requested rock and how the rock will be altered. All alterations must be within University Student Conduct Code and must not be derogatory to groups or individuals. Rocks may not be moved from their existing location. In the event a rock is moved due to University construction, it is the responsibility of the organization to continue to maintain the rock (i.e. repaint it if it has been overturned).

Organizations requesting a new rock must determine the location of the rock and submit the Rock Request Form on Engage, including a photo of the requested rock.

As of 2021, organizations are eligible to have a maximum of five rocks that they must maintain. Groups may request one rock per academic year (to a maximum of five). Rocks that are not maintained or are otherwise unidentifiable will be reclaimed by the Center for Student Involvement and made available for request. If an organization has more than five rocks, they must determine which five rocks to maintain and notify the Center for Student Involvement of rocks they are making available for other organizations to request (i.e., ‘returning’ any additional rocks) no later than June 1, 2021. After that time, the Center for Student Involvement will make the determination and make the additional rocks available to other organizations.

Once permission is given to an organization, the rock requested should be painted (not tagged) within 30 days. Failure to paint the newly approved rock within 30 days of approval will result in the loss of approval. Any organization wishing to alter any rock on campus or its environs must be in good standing with the University and the Student Government Association as appropriate. Organizations will only be allowed to alter rocks on campus after a representative from the Center for Student Involvement has approved the request for the rock in question. If the rock is eligible to be altered, the organization may proceed. A previously painted rock is only eligible to be painted if the previous organization’s charter has been expired for more than three calendar years. However, if an organization has lost their charter by removal of the University they are not permitted the three calendar year expiration and their rock(s) becomes immediately available.

The University, represented by the Center for Student Involvement, reserves the right to prohibit certain rocks from being altered either because of their location, aesthetic qualities or history. Their decision shall be final in all such matters. Any organizations violating this policy will be subject to the loss of University privileges and status as determined by the Office of the Dean of Students.

Policy last updated September 3, 2021.

Requesting a Rock

Use the map below to find an available rock. Organizations requesting a new rock must complete this form. Once approved, the organization has 30 days to paint the rock and submit photos of the completed rock.

Organizations wishing to refresh a rock they already have should notify and/or as appropriate.

After your rock has been painted, please complete this form to provide photos of the newly painted rock for updating the rock map.

View the Rock Map! Clicking on a red circle will pull up information about that specific rock.

To search by organization, click on ‘Find Your Organization’s Rock’, then enter the organization name or select from the drop down list.

To search for rocks that are available to be requested, click on ‘Find Available Rocks’.