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Classics and General Humanities

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Return to campus for Classics Day

Photo of donor Christos Hatzoglou and Maria Otto

Keeping the Classics Alive

on the right restorer Roberto Civetta and prof. Chatr Aryamontri showing to the 2023 fieldschool students one of the mosaics found at the Villa of the Antonines

Holding History in Your Hands

Faculty-led archaeological excavation lets students explore Roman imperial villa

Classics Day 2023

Black Odyssey

photo of professor Glen Robert Gill on left and USAToday logo on right

Professor Gill Provides Commentary on Cancel Culture

Photo of the Archaeological site of the Villa degli Antonini

Professors Deborah Chatr Aryamontri and Timothy Renner get attention in Italian ‘Art a Part of Culture’ magazine

Advice from the ancients on how to dress

Spooky Samhain Soiree

Classics Day, 2022

Discovering classical New York

How to Be Happy