Photo of ELAD students collaborating in the ADP Center.

About the Department

Mission Statement

The department’s academic programs are committed to preparing professionals who:

  1. Apply critical thinking approaches and skills to their respective disciplines and exhibit both theoretical and practical application of these approaches and skills in their professional fields.
  2. Use critical thinking to make sound, responsible judgments and decisions in working with clients, students and other professionals in their respective fields.
  3. Act with sound ethical principles when carrying out the role of the professional in each of the three areas, keeping in mind the key responsibility this professional has toward student and client.
  4. Function as a responsible professional in his or her specialty field, seeking to promote the best interests of the clients and students these professional fields serve.
  5. Display an understanding of the political and social environment and the professional and personal roles each citizen must play in order to ensure that society remains a free and open democracy.
  6. Commit to a professional life that will enhance self-renewal and encourage others in the profession to seek careers devoted to the advancement of the principles and standards of their respective fields of interest.