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Core Choice

Core Choice MA in Educational Leadership

The Core Choice program allows busy educators to select the pacing and learning format of their Master’s program.  Students can take online (8 week), hybrid (a combination of face-to-face and online learning), or campus-based coursework and anywhere from 1-4 classes per semester depending on their schedule and budget.

The 36 credit program embeds both the Supervisor and Principal certifications within the Master’s Degree.  Students also have the option to take an elective in district leadership to earn the NJDOE School Administrator Certification needed by school superintendents.

The Core Choice program allows students to adapt the program to meet their needs.  For example, students who coach may want to take an online class the semesters they are coaching and hybrid classes the ones they are not.  Students who want to take advantage of their district’s tuition reimbursement policy may need to match a certain number of credits per semester as outlined in their district contact.  Parents with a new baby at home may choose to start the program slowly, taking one course at a time, and then building to a more intensive schedule once their family grows older.  It’s your choice in terms of selecting program format and pacing!

The M.A. in Educational Leadership offers a balance of coursework on theoretical perspectives and practical hands-on experiences in educational leadership. You will study topics at the heart of the work of leaders such as, school improvement, teacher development and supervision, data-driven decision making, community engagement, and equitably serving all students.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis to start in the fall, winter, spring, or summer terms.

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The Educational Leadership faculty at Montclair State is truly a dedicated, hands-on and student-centered network. In every administrative role which I have served, I’ve felt prepared to thrive because of the quality education which they provided me.

-Harold Abraham (Montclair State University Graduate, Principal Hoboken Middle School)

The Educational Leadership program has allowed me to grow, reflect, and develop my own personal vision and system of beliefs. I believe this is a necessary process of becoming an effective leader, in education and beyond.

–Kristina Ramirez (recent Montclair State Graduate)