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Fast Track MA in Educational Leadership

Fast Track MA in Educational Leadership

Earn your MA in Educational Leadership in ONE YEAR while working full-time!

The Fast Track option for the Master of Arts in Educational Leadership allows students to earn a 36-credit degree and principal and supervisor certification in 14 months while working full-time. This program is completed within a one year time frame, from summer to summer.

It is ideal for working professionals who wish to pursue a master’s degree in an accelerated format. Classes are experiential in nature, and provide a blend of both theory and practice. This blended program is offered through a cost-effective and convenient schedule through both online and hybrid courses. It is an ideal program for those individuals who aspire to pursue a course of study for eligibility as a school principal, vice principal, supervisor, director or superintendent.

New cohorts for the Fast Track Option begins each Summer. Interested applicants should complete their application for admission with The Graduate School by April 1 each year.

Graduate students enrolled in the Master of Arts in Educational Leadership seeking to be principals, vice principals, supervisors, directors, or school superintendents will participate in courses and field experiences:

  1. To help develop and/or support a personal philosophy of education and social consciousness consistent with related theories of learning and human development.
  2. To develop characteristics required for effective leadership in education.
  3. To analyze educational organizations and plan programs and strategies for increasing organizational effectiveness.
  4. To develop techniques to facilitate interpersonal and group problem-solving and decision-making.
  5. To develop skills in managing change and conflict in educational endeavors.
  6. To interpret research findings and design and implement research techniques for their organizational needs.

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The MA Educational Leadership FTO program helped me to be a competent school leader. The program exposed me to skilled professionals who offered their expertise, knowledge and experience to aspiring school leaders. The program was extremely relevant to the current status of school leadership including a shared vision, data-driven instruction, coaching and supporting teachers and understanding the ins and outs of school budgets. Not only did the program assist in school-related matters, but it also dealt heavily with overall leadership competencies that can be adapted in any field. Due to the experiences in the program, I was able to become a Vice Principal within a year of completing the program.

–Jonathan Olavarria – Educational Leadership, Fast Track Option Alumni