Photo of ELAD students collaborating in the ADP Center.

Final Capstone Experience

In their last academic semester, all graduate students are required to enroll in ELAD628 and design a project/fieldwork in a Student Affairs or Academic Affairs setting. The fieldwork must demonstrate the practical application of the students knowledge, skills and abilities as an emerging Higher Education practitioner. Students will be required to integrate theory into their project, as well as provide an in-depth review of the literature, engage in assessment, evaluation, and strategic planning in order to execute their project.

Class Format

Throughout the semester, students will prepare papers and deliver oral presentations outlining key features of their capstone project. All students will work collaboratively and think hard throughout the course not only about their own projects but also about those of their colleagues. The course is taught seminar style with 8 students per class.

Capstone Key Components

At the end of the course, all students will complete three key projects.

  1. Develop an E-Portfolio website
  2. Deliver a 30-minute oral presentation at the Capstone Mini-Conference
  3. Submit a final Analytical Research Paper that documents the capstone experience in detail

The Capstone Mini-Conference

Students will present key aspects of their project at the Capstone Mini-Conference. This ½ day conference is open to all graduate students, faculty, staff, family, friends and guests. To view the Program Booklet from previous conferences please click on any of the links below.