Environmental Economics and Policy

About This Cluster

The Environmental Economics and Policy examine the interplay of science, socioeconomics, and green and sustainable marketing practices, and realm of policy and decision-making. We conduct valuation of ecosystem services, assess public policy options related to resource management and conservation, climate change mitigation and adaptation, bioenergy, and green infrastructure. Our faculty seek opportunities to enhance sustainability policy, improve ecological and human health, and reduce the risk to natural and man-made environmental hazards in both urban and rural areas.
Participating Faculty

Pankaj Lal profile photo

Pankaj Lal

Professor, Earth and Environmental Studies

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Robert Taylor

Professor, Earth and Environmental Studies

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Yawei Wang

Associate Professor, Hospitality and Tourism

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Danlin Yu

Professor, Earth and Environmental Studies


Research Grants
  • Lal, P., (co-PI). “US-India Consortium for Sustainable Advanced Biofuels System,” U.S. Department of Energy. 2012-2018.
  • Lal, P., (PI). “CAREER: Geographic Suitability, Socioeconomic Uncertainty, and Environmental Consequences: Exploring Place-based Opportunities for Bioenergy Sustainability,” National Science Foundation, 2016-2021.
  • Lal, P., (co-PI). “Bridging the Gap Between New Jersey Farmers and Consumers Through Research, Education and Outreach,” U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2017-2018.
  • Lal, P., (working group member). “Integrating natural capital into a system of National Accounts: A case study of forestry and wetland landscapes in Rwanda”, Science for Nature and People, 2015-17.
  • Lal, P. (PI). “Assessing socioeconomic impacts of forest biomass based biofuel development on rural communities in the southern United States”, United States Department of Agriculture, 2012-16.
Faculty and Student Publications

* indicates a Montclair State University student author or program alumnus

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