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Personnel Files

Procedures for the maintenance of personnel files are discussed in Article XXIX of the State Master Contract. Personnel files are maintained for each faculty member in the Office of the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs. Professional Staff and Managerial Staff files are maintained in the Division for Human Resources.

The University places in the file communications indicating special competencies, achievements, research, performance and contributions of an academic, professional or civic nature. An employee may submit commendations to be included. A copy of any item included in the personnel file, except items submitted by the employee, dealing specifically with retention, dismissal, salary improvement, promotion or tenure, must be transmitted to the employee immediately. A copy of other filed items including all items submitted by the employee shall be made available to him/her upon request at his/her own expense.

An employee is given the opportunity to review the contents of his/her personnel file upon application and has the opportunity to acknowledge that any item has been read by signing the file copy. Information solicited in confidence as part of the initial appointment process is confidential and may not be reviewed by the employee. Access to personnel files is limited to those directly involved in the administration or evaluation process related to a particular employee file.

Materials may be removed from an employee’s personnel file upon mutual agreement of the employee and the President of the University or his/her designee.