photo of campus entrance

Promoting Tolerance on the Campus

The strength of Montclair State University is its diversity: in faculty, staff, students, alumni, trustees and friends. As we actively pursue the establishment of a greater sense of community, it is critically important that we preserve and build upon the University’s existing strength of diversity.

Every one of us has a responsibility to foster an atmosphere of respect, understanding, and goodwill among all members of our diverse campus community. It is important that we accept persons from different racial, cultural, social and economic backgrounds. By so doing, we create a more harmonious environment and become open to different ideas and opinions that can enrich us.

All members of the campus community are urged to vigorously oppose all forms of racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, homophobia, and hate of any kind which would serve to insult or denigrate persons or groups of individuals. Any acts of hate or intolerance should be reported to the Campus Police, the Dean of Students or the Provost and they will be investigated immediately.

Tolerance is the foundation of any quality institution of higher learning. Let us promote a spirit of respect and collegiality on campus that can foster an environment for learning and working that will be conducive to our well-being and productivity.