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Change of Grade

A change of grade from an “IN” must be approved and processed no later than February 15th for fall incompletes, June 30th for spring and October 15th for summer incompletes. Otherwise, the “IN” will become an “F.”

A change of grade request from other than an “IN” grade must be initiated by faculty, approved by Department Chair and College or School Dean, and forwarded to the Office of the Registrar no later than the end of the next full semester following the semester in which the grade was earned. Therefore, all grade changes for graduating students must be processed within this 30 day period.

In the event that a faculty member has left the employment of the University, the chair of the department in which the faculty member was employed shall determine his/her willingness to consider “IN” grade completions as well as grade changes. The department should determine how the individual can be contacted for this purpose. In the event that the former faculty member is not available for completion of these tasks, the department should determine some continuing faculty person who can act on his/her behalf.

Note that no changes will be made to the academic record beyond 30 days of the student’s conferment/graduation date.