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Field Trips

Required field trips should be included in the course description which is provided to the student. There are limited University funds to cover costs of these trips.

A Field Trip Proposal Form should be sent in duplicate to the Department Chair for approval. A list of names of the student participants should be appended with the date and time of the trip, and the course name and number involved. These should be made available to those students who may wish to present the list to their instructors to indicate that the absence is for the purpose of a field trip. If approved, it should be forwarded to the College/School Dean, who will return one signed copy to the individual making the request. Students should make prior arrangements to make up any missed work, and it is expected that faculty will give the students an opportunity to do so. The approval and record of trips will be kept on file in the Office of the College/School Dean.

Responsibility for the rental of buses and other details of the trip will be left to the individual instructor, who should contact the Procurement Office and make sure University procedures are followed. Arrangements with the Department Chair and Procurement should be made several weeks in advance of the trip.