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Fund Raising Policy

This fund raising policy has been established in view of the campus-wide interest in fund raising as a means to supplement appropriated resources or to provide support for specialized projects not included in our annual appropriations.  It is designed to ensure that fund raising efforts are well coordinated, are of uniformly high quality, and are characterized by sound financial practices.

In order to coordinate all external fund raising initiatives, faculty members or professional staff wishing to engage in fund raising from the private sector (e.g., corporations, foundations, private associations or individuals) must first contact the Office of Development. Staff members in the Office of Development will work closely with faculty members and/or professional staff to develop proposals or solicitations. The Office of Development will assist in completing a “Permission to Seek Private Funding” form which will be submitted to the appropriate program director or dean for approval.  Following review by the Vice President for University Advancement, a solicitation strategy will be created. In order to prevent duplicate solicitations, faculty members and professional staff should not initiate contact with funders prior to receiving formal permission.

The University recognizes that some academic departments and programs may have legitimate need to conduct fund raising directed toward their alumni and other special constituencies and, therefore, departments and programs may be granted special permission by the Vice President for University Advancement to solicit funds provided that such efforts are consistent with larger University objectives.