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Media Relations

The establishment of good relations with people employed by newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations and other communications media helps achieve public understanding of Montclair State’s policies, plans and programs. To develop such relationships, it is important to provide accurate and helpful information to the media in an atmosphere of timeliness, mutual respect and candor.

In the event that you are personally contacted by a member of the media:

  1. Respond directly if the query pertains to a matter within the realm of your professional expertise and responsibility.
  2. Refer the reporter to the Office of Public Information if the matter is outside your area, you prefer not to answer yourself, or the questions deal with university-wide concerns or policies.
    • If you do respond directly, be sure to obtain the reporter’s name, the publication or station he/she represents, and the date of publication or airing (if possible). Please inform the Office of Public Information regarding the nature of the inquiry as the office keeps a log of all Montclair State University media calls.
    • All news releases concerning Montclair State and its personnel and programs must be issued by the Office of Public Information.
  3. If a news agency wishes to come on campus to take pictures or film footage, notify Public Information so that the necessary clearances and arrangements can be made.