Health Careers Program Eligibility

  • High school seniors who are highly motivated and academically capable from financially and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Must meet Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Income Guidelines (Click here to review guidelines)
  • United States citizen or permanent resident, with New Jersey residency.
  • Demonstrated ability, competence, and serious interest in science and mathematics, as indicated by high school courses and science-related extra-curricular activities. Potential candidates must have taken math and science courses beyond the minimum requirement (i.e., laboratory science, with biology and chemistry a minimum). Candidates must have taken at least three years of math (i.e., algebra I and II and geometry).
  • A minimum “B” average in science and mathematics.
  • Average to above grade point average (GPA).
  • Median class rank or higher.
  • SAT scores reviewed in consideration with science and mathematics courses taken, GPA and class rank.
  • 10th grade reading level, preferably above.
  • Command of the English language.
  • Satisfactory performance on diagnostic/placement tests.
  • Personal interview with applicant and parent(s)/guardian(s).
  • Recommendations from teachers of mathematics, science and English.
    • A high school graduate or college student may supply recommendations from knowledgeable community persons or employers in addition to recommendations from professors.
    • Greatest emphasis is given to recommendations that attest to capabilities, level of performance and motivation.

Other opportunities offered through the Health Careers Program include affiliations through consortiums, articulations and partnerships.