Health Careers Program Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives are achieved through a balance of formal coursework, comprehensive supportive services such as tutorials, collaborative learning and recitation sessions, peer mentoring, academic advisement, individual and group counseling, lectures series, field trips and financial assistance. Successful completion of the program is designed to increase competitive admission into health professions and graduate schools.

  • To identify, recruit, motivate and enhance the interest of high school students who possess the intellectual ability for completing undergraduate requirements, in preparation for a career within the health professions, but are inhibited by economic and educationally limiting experiences.
  • To increase student awareness of the importance of academic preparedness and to encourage academic excellence.
  • To provide the reinforcement students need to complete undergraduate requirements in science disciplines and to succeed academically.
  • To provide comprehensive supportive services such as tutoring, mentoring and counseling that not only will strengthen science background and skills, but also increase retention throughout undergraduate years.
  • To provide coursework, workshops, seminars and other activities to enhance learning skills that are necessary in pursuit of a career within the health professions or sciences.
  • To continue to provide alternative options for students who decide to pursue careers outside the health professions but within the sciences.

Students are provided a variety of experiences in the health professions including preceptorships, summer externships, academic reinforcement activities, research and other field experiences. These activities are arranged through health professions schools nationwide. Research experiences are arranged with Montclair State University faculty and/or in industry following the successful completion of the first year.