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Montclair Interest Group against Human Trafficking


Welcome to our campus community called the Montclair Interest Group against Human Trafficking (MIGHT). Montclair State University has a history of supporting and being concerned about our communities and those in need. We are one of the most diverse universities in the State of New Jersey, and we want to understand and provide resources and solutions to human trafficking in all forms.
The mission of this interest group is not only that we “might” do something about this complex problem, but also leverage the might of our university resources, our strength as scholars, to address the complex problems of trafficking from policy, to research, to education, to the arts, and more.  Complex problems in a complex world require interdisciplinary efforts, and the University is the right place to do this work.

We encourage you to learn about human trafficking and take advantage of the resources and training listed here as well as participate in our group events. Together we can change the world.

Our Journey at Montclair State University in providing solutions to Human Trafficking is listed below at a high level:

working group project goals

Strategic areas of focus include:

working group project goals

Out of the Fields Campaign

In March, MIGHT is organizing a one-day event on labor exploitation in the food industry. Click on the link or image below to learn more.


Awareness Campaign

To learn more about events and activities to raise awareness about human trafficking during the month of January 2020 at Montclair State, follow the above link or click on the image below:

Follow the link below or click on the image to check out our “Out of the Shadows” Campaign