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The Global Center on Human Trafficking


Welcome to The Global Center on Human Trafficking. At Montclair State University, we have a history of supporting and being concerned about our communities and those in need. We are one of the most diverse universities in the State of New Jersey, and we want to understand and provide resources and solutions to human trafficking in all forms.

Across the University, a group of committed leaders, faculty and staff have come together to develop a solution to end human trafficking. We were previously called the Montclair Initiative on Global  Human Trafficking (MIGHT) and we have now grown into a university-wide initiative. The multi-disciplinary initiative is located in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Our goal is not only that we “might” do something about this complex problem, but also leverage the might of our university resources, our strength as scholars, to address the complex problems of trafficking from policy, to research, to education, to the arts, and more.  Complex problems in a complex world require interdisciplinary efforts, and the University is the right place to do this work.

Our Vision

We want to play a leadership role in contributing significant knowledge, expertise and resources to the effort to end human trafficking.

Our Mission

We encourage the study of human trafficking; increase knowledge about human trafficking; and, develop solutions to the complex problems of human trafficking. We will create and disseminate useful information to educational, governmental, social service, and community organizations and agencies working to end human trafficking. We will carry out our mission by leveraging the University’s multi-dimensional as well as interdisciplinary educational and research resources, as well as by collaborating and partnering with other entities who are working to put an end to human trafficking at the individual and systemic levels.

Our Journey at Montclair State University in providing solutions to Human Trafficking is listed below at a high level:

working group project goals

Strategic areas of focus include:

Events, Activities and Engagement

To learn more about the Center’s engagement and activities go to our Timeline and Events page and read about What You Can Do.