Trafficking Misinformation

In a time where mis- and disinformation is shared widely and uncritically online it should not come as a surprise that the anti-trafficking field has become a target. Many rumors ‘float’ through social media platforms sharing warnings about random kidnappings of children from playgrounds, traffickers marking cars of potential victims, or the ability of traffickers to track the phone number of anyone who responded to a specific text message. Human Trafficking has also moved in the center of elaborate conspiracies such as Pizzagate and the Wayfair Conspiracy, both of which were prominent in the QAnon conspiracy universe. The reason these untruths or extreme exaggerations about human trafficking matter is that they affect public discourse and anti-trafficking policy, which impacts the ability of law enforcement and social service organization to identify and assist victims and survivors of this heinous crime.

Below please find a collection of articles regarding Trafficking Misinformation.

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Human Trafficking Misinformation Resources

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Human Trafficking Misinformation Media Mentions