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Human trafficking is one of the most horrendous crimes of our time. The COVID-19 pandemic has had catastrophic effects for survivors of human trafficking and individuals at risk of human trafficking here at home in the United States and around the world. This global pandemic has significantly disrupted the lives and support networks of survivors of trafficking while increasing their financial stress, homelessness, food insecurity, interpersonal violence, and grief over the loss of loved ones.

Your gift will help us support the needs of survivors here at home and around the world.

The Global Center on Human Trafficking at Montclair State University is a multi-disciplinary effort focused on developing innovative solutions to the global problem of human trafficking.

Your contribution will help us carry out our work preventing human trafficking in all of its forms and empowering and supporting survivors according to 6 strategic priorities:

    1. Survivor Support and Empowerment
    2. Education, Outreach and Training
    3. Collaboration and Sharing
    4. Research and Program Evaluation
    5. Policy, Advocacy and Regulation
    6. Survivor Services

Thank you for your generous support.

With gratitude,

Ali Boak