Research Training and Certification

All investigators, staff or students who participate or engage in research (funded or unfunded) involving the use of animals are required to train in the appropriate care and use of animals. Montclair State University has arranged for the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) web-based courses to satisfy this requirement. Researchers must register for the CITI courses applicable to their research as follows:

  • During registration, answer the Animal Care and Use question as a:
    1. Field Researcher – Select the Field/Wildlife course AND/OR
    2. Lab Researcher – Select the Lab/Vivarium course.
  • Following this, all researchers must then select the appropriate statement(s) that describe their research. (Note: If you will be working with multiple species, please select all that apply.):
    1. I work with [Mice]
    2. I work with [Amphibians]
    3. Etc.
  • Once registration is complete, these courses will be visible in your account as:
    1. ACU – [Lab/Vivarium OR Field/Wildlife] Researchers
    2. ACU – Working with [Mice, etc.] in Research Settings
    3. You must complete all of the required modules within each course to be certified before beginning your research.

Note: Anyone working in the LAR vivarium, must complete the CITI Animal Biosafety course.  Tips

For complete registration details, please follow the CITI Training Access Instructions (PDF)‌ and then go to the CITI Program Website.

The online course will cover the following topic areas, among others:

  • Federal mandates
  • Alternative animal models
  • Endpoint criteria
  • Alleviating pain
  • Reporting misuse, mistreatment or non-compliance

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