Image of children sitting on the floor in a classroom, raising their arms.

On-Site Workshops

Every year IAPC Staff conduct P4C workshops in schools all around the world. These workshops can be structured to suit the needs of your schools. Two popular options are three three-day sessions (nine days total) and two five-day sessions (ten days total). For each option, teachers are required to participate for full days (six hours) and each IAPC Staff member can work with a maximum of 15 teachers.

The two five-day workshops are separated by about six weeks. In the first session, there are three days of introduction to the P4C curriculum and the “community of inquiry” methodology with intensive practice, followed by two days of modeling by the IAPC Staff in classrooms. The second session consists of observations of P4C teachers and sessions for teachers to discuss their classroom experiences.

The three three-day workshops consist of one introductory session, one modeling session and one session for observations of teachers.

IAPC Staff are available by phone and e-mail to support workshop teachers, and refresher workshops and advanced workshops are always available to schools with P4C experience. The costs for IAPC On-Site Workshops include:

  • Workshop fee for P4C Instructors
  • Curriculum materials needed for teacher workshops and for classroom use
  • Travel and per diem expenses for IAPC Staff