Image of children sitting on the floor in a classroom, raising their arms.

Research on Affective and Social Skills

  1. CAMHY, DANIELA: “Entwicklung einer praxisrelevanten Strategie gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit am Beispiel der Kinderphilosophie” Complete report of the research about xenophobia. Experimental group shows a significant improvement in tolerance towards foreign people and open-mindedness.
  2. GARDNER, SUSAN (1999): “Participation in a “Community of Inquiry” Nourishes Participants Perspective-Taking Capacity: A Report of a Two Year Empirical Study.” PALSSON, H., B. SIGURDARDOTTIR, Y B. NELSON: Philosophy for Children on Top of the World. Akureyri: Univ. Akureyri. Probably it is the same study they published in Critical and Creative Thinking, 6 (1) 1998 under the title: “Philosophy for Children Really Works!” It is a report on a two-year study. Experimental group increased its scores on the social values, overall self-esteem and self-esteem relative to family; the scores decrease on self-protection, intolerance for ambiguity and general external orientation.