Image of children sitting on the floor in a classroom, raising their arms.

The World of Philosophy for Children

P4C Around the World

There are countless places around the world where children and adults engage in philosophical inquiry together—a practice at least as old as Socrates. Since 1974 the IAPC at Montclair State University and its Affiliate Centers have been largely responsible for the proliferation of Philosophy for Children programs in schools and other settings around the world. However, today there are numerous approaches to this work, many of which are not derived from the work of the IAPC.

IAPC Fellows and Affiliate Centers

Numerous individuals around the world are formally affiliated with the IAPC as a result of having worked in professional development programs offered by the IAPC and of collaborating with us in one or more of the following kinds of work:

  • Translation and publication of IAPC Curriculum
  • Engagement with school-age children in philosophical inquiry
  • Preparation of schoolteachers to facilitate philosophical inquiry with students
  • Empirical and theoretical research in Philosophy for Children
  • Development and testing of new curriculum in Philosophy for Children

Many of these IAPC Fellows have created centers and other organizations that support their work in Philosophy for Children and some of these organizations have formed regional and national associations. Though autonomous from the IAPC and one another, this global Philosophy for Children community is an important source of mutual enrichment.

Other K-12 Philosophy Sites

Numerous organizations and individuals not formally affiliated with the IAPC are similarly engaged in bringing philosophy to children and adolescents, through a variety of approaches. The IAPC welcomes this diversity and encourages cooperation among colleagues practicing different approaches.

Promotional Organizations

In addition to hundreds of local sites and organizations around the world dedicated to engaging children in philosophy, numerous national, regional and global organizations sponsor, coordinate and otherwise promote that work.