Leica microscope in a dark room

Lab Safety

In case of an Emergency Please Call: 973-655-5222

To reduce injuries, prevent abuse and damage to equipment and to maintain a healthy environment in the lab, the EM users have to obey the following basic precautionary steps:

  1. Food and drink are not allowed in any EM lab environment. Keep food and drinks away from equipment, electrical outlets and out of the labs. In the event any spills make sure all equipment is unplugged and in the off position before attempting to remove or clean up the spill.
  2. Dispose of all chemical waste properly. Check any guidelines for disposal of chemicals and solutions before discarding.
  3. Never mix chemicals in sink drains.
  4. Properly label all specimen or chemical containers. Be sure to include shelf life and/or expiration date.
  5. Properly store all supplies. Do not leave on any work surface when not in use.
  6. Clear all surface areas before and after use.
  7. Clear all aisles to allow easy navigation, particularly in the case of a fire or emergency, and to prevent any mishaps such as tripping or slipping accidents.
  8. Wear safety gear and eye protection, when necessary.
  9. Do not block any fire exits, windows or other egresses.
  10. Do not block access to fire extinguishers, eye washes or safety showers.