Campus shot on a sunny day with a few students.

CARE Report

Montclair State University takes seriously its responsibility to develop, monitor, and maintain a campus environment that is safe and supportive for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. To this end, Montclair State formed a CARE Team that meets regularly to evaluate and respond to concerning, disruptive, or problematic behavior. Our focus is on prevention and intervention efforts to either reduce tension in a situation or provide support.

The CARE Team is comprised of staff, with relevant backgrounds, who will work collaboratively to identify and proactively manage concerning issues and problems. No matter which team member responds, a thorough review and response will occur. At times, that review may necessitate further intervention efforts. In most situations, it will mean that the student is connected to resources through a supportive, helpful, and gentle process. To report a concern for a student, complete the CARE Report Form, and provide the information requested. If you have any questions after completing the report form, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students.