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Support Tools

What did the world do before there were apps? Below are just a few helpful apps available to you to keep you informed, connected and assisted.

Support Tools

RAVE Text Alerts

RAVE Text Alerts let you assign any number of cell phones to receive emergency notifications about: inclement weather delays or closures, on-campus emergencies, etc. Don’t be caught off-guard; signup and be informed. Go to RAVE text alerts.

RAVE Guardian

With the RAVE Guardian app you contact University Police when you’re walking on campus with an estimate of your travel time, and let them know when you have arrived.  If they don’t hear from you they come looking to see that you are safe. Learn More about how To Use RAVE Guardian.

Circle of Six

You can designate six of your friends as your Circle of Six to be contacted if you are experiencing trouble or distress. Sign up your Circle of Six today. Learn about Circle of Six.