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Student Spotlight: Danielle Barkey

Two-year online Educational Leadership MA program provides student with manageable workload and supportive faculty.

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What led you to study in the Educational Leadership MA Program at Montclair State University?
The Educational Leadership MA program at Montclair State University offers different tracking options which gave me some flexibility in how I wanted to complete the program. Montclair State has a great reputation and it was a program that I wanted to be a part of.

If you chose an online program, why did you do so?

The online program is extremely accommodating for teachers who are working full time. It allows more flexibility in getting assignments done. As someone who does not live near Montclair State University, it was awesome to still have the option to further my education in their program.

What were/are your career objectives?
I am currently a sixth-grade math teacher and have been loving the experience. After earning my first masters, I knew I wanted to potentially become an administrator one day. Regardless of where I end up, the experience enhances my teaching and depth of knowledge in the field of education.

How has/does the program at Montclair State support your career objectives?
The MA program at Montclair State will give me the tools, skills, knowledge and requirements to become an administrator. The program broadens my options for the future.

How have you/are you using what you have learned?
The program has given me tools to enhance my teaching. Additionally, it has provided me with a deeper understanding of some of the “behind the scenes” workings as an administrator. I have more an appreciation and understanding of all the responsibilities of a principal or supervisor. I am looking forward to continue to learn more as I progress through the program.

Did/does the program meet your expectations? Please explain why or why not.
The program has surpassed my expectations. The content is worthwhile and applicable, the work load is manageable, the professors are excellent and provide individualized feedback and the knowledge I have gained has improved my skillset as a teacher and later on as an administrator.

What kind of support did you receive from faculty and staff? 
As with any online program, there is some apprehension that there may not be as much support from faculty and staff. I can honestly say I have had the best support system from my advisor and my professors. The feedback is immediate and personal. They are available by phone, email and video chat which has been amazing. Montclair surpassed my expectations with their level of support on the online forum and would highly recommend this program.

Thinking about your experiences with the program at Montclair, what did you like most?

My favorite thing about this program is the flexibility. After choosing the online two-year program, I have found the workload to be manageable with very supportive professors who support my academic growth.

If applicable to you, how would you describe your experiences with the “online” aspect of the program?
I have found the online aspect of the program to be extremely smooth and manageable. The online tutorial was extremely helpful and the Canvas interface is very user friendly. I especially enjoy being in a cohort as it provides me with a collaborative experience where I get to know more about people and their classrooms and experiences- I feel like I have met them!

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your experiences in the program?
I would highly recommend this program to anyone, I have already learned so much and have found that I can still live a balanced life while pursuing a master’s degree in Educational Leadership.