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About Us

With online graduate degree programs from Montclair State University you can achieve your degree goals and move closer to your career aspirations.

By taking one course at a time, over two sessions (two courses per semester), you can earn your degree while balancing work and other life obligations without feeling overwhelmed. This approach allows you to immerse in your coursework yet also earn six credits per semester and be eligible for financial aid.

Our online programs move you closer to your degree and provide you with flexibility and convenience without the hassle of commuting to class after work, allowing you to utilize your time more effectively. Additionally, our spring, summer and fall sequence provides many of our students with the opportunity to complete their degree within two years or less.

Flexible schedule – work at your own pace

  • More career options and advances
  • Graduate in as few as 18 months
  • Fully online

Graduate Degrees Offered

Graduate Certificates Offered

In addition to fully online programs, Montclair State also offers a variety of courses delivered online as well as hybrid during Winter and Summer Sessions.