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Alumni Spotlight: Laura Reade

Child Advocacy and Policy master’s program provides graduate with inspiration to pursue law degree.

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What led you to study in the Child Advocacy and Policy MA Program at Montclair State University?
My sons suffer from mental health issues. My youngest also suffers from developmental delays.  It was my desire as a mother who experienced the challenges of obtaining the proper health-care, mental health services and education accommodations, to assist other families and hopefully make their journey easier than mine.  The CHAD MA Program provided the formal education and foundation to one day help others.

If you chose an online program, why did you do so?
I chose the online program so I could care for my children, work and pursue my education at the same time.

What were/are your career objectives?

My initial career objective was to enter the field of health-care or mental health advocacy.  However, at the present time, I am preparing an application for Seton Hall Law School.

How has/does the program at Montclair support your career objectives?
The program provided a diverse knowledge of the field of child advocacy.  Understanding the history of the field, current issues, as well as pertinent legal aspects has given me the foundation and inspiration to go beyond becoming involved in the field, but attending law school, earning a JD and furthering my involvement within the legal realm of the field.

How have you/are you using what you have learned?
I am currently pursuing a Master’s of Science in Jurisprudence (MSJ) in Health and Hospital Law at Seton Hall Law. Many cases and aspects of law, which I have studied so far, were included in my coursework at Montclair State.  It re-affirmed to me, the quality of the professors at the University.

What kind of support did you receive from faculty and staff?
Faculty and staff were fantastic. Every professor in the program was supportive and wonderful.  They understood the pressures of school, family and work.

Thinking about your experiences with the program at Montclair, what did you like most?

The flexibility of the program, interaction with other students on the discussion board and the professors.

If applicable to you, how would you describe your experiences with the “online” aspect of the program?

The online aspect was great.  The program afforded me the ability to care for my family, attend all my sons’ athletic events and school functions, work and still “attend” class.