Teacher working with two children in children's center.

MA in Child Advocacy and Policy – Online

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The Department of Social Work and Child Advocacy at Montclair State University offers the region’s premier undergraduate and graduate academic programs that specialize in service and advocacy to children, youth and families. Our unique focus, small size graduate classes and distinguished faculty give students an unrivaled opportunity to prepare for work as career professionals serving children and families.

Coordinator: Dr. Emily Douglas
Office: Dickson Hall, Room 301
Phone Number: 973-655-4188 | Email: chad@montclair.edu

Credit Hours: 33 | Courses

The Online Master of Arts in Child Advocacy and Policy offers students an applied course of study in child advocacy. As an emerging field, child advocacy includes an understanding of several disciplines: psychology, social work and law. The master’s degree offers advanced coursework focused on family empowerment, forensic interviewing, child abuse, families in crisis, child welfare and advocacy policy.

The program provides:

  • A comprehensive view of the field of child advocacy that includes both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary components.
  • A particular understanding of the intricacies of the public child welfare system.
  • Competencies in knowledge, methods  and applications needed for careers and professional development in the field of child advocacy.

What to expect as you move toward attaining your degree:

  • Three terms per year (fall, spring and summer).
  • Two sessions per term.
  • One course per session.
  • Eight week courses.
  • Blending of theory and practice.
  • Interaction between your peers and faculty.
  • Student support services including online access to library resources, Tier II technical support and career advising.

The 33-credit Child Advocacy program provides students with a comprehensive view of the field of child advocacy and the requisite skills and knowledge needed to succeed as a child advocate working in myriad settings.

Career Opportunities:

  • Child welfare agencies.
  • Child behavioral health services (case management organizations, youth case management programs, and mobile response and stabilization units).
  • Prevention and community organizations.
  • Court appointed special advocates (CASA).
  • Education advocacy groups.
  • Victim-witness offices/agencies.
  • Disability advocacy groups.
  • Domestic violence programs.
  • Youth mentoring and development programs.
  • Supervised visitation programs.

As an alternative to the full master’s degree, students may choose to apply for the Child Advocacy and Policy Graduate Certificate. The certificate includes five courses which can be completed fully online or on campus in 2.5 semesters.

The certificate provides students with the foundational knowledge to begin a career as a child advocacy professional and prepares students for future graduate study in child advocacy. Upon successful completion of the certificate, students may transfer all 15 credits towards the Master of Arts in Child Advocacy and Policy, in accordance with all related graduate policy.