Professor using 3D animation tools with screen projected onto wall behind her

Program of Study

For the MS in Information Technology with a concentration in Applied Information Technology, students must complete 33 credit hours.  Courses are offered sequentially during the fall, spring and summer and can be completed in as little as two years.  For additional information, please contact your advisor to discuss your program of study.

Program Requirements

Required Courses

Code Title Credits
CSIT 535 Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) 3
CSIT 537 Web Development 3
CSIT 540 Computer Networks 3
CSIT 555 Database Systems 3
CSIT 561 Computer Security 3

Required Industry-Related Courses

Code Title Credits
CMST 525 Presentation Skills for Business 3
CSIT 590 Cyberspace Governance, Policy, and Ethics 3
CSIT 610 Information Technology Project Management 3
or CSIT 616 Software Process Management 3


Select two of the following:

Code Title Credits
Software Engineering 3
Operating Systems 3
Mobile Computing 3
Advanced Database Systems 3

Culminating Experience

Code Title Credits
CSIT 690 Industry Internship in Information Technology Management 3

Total Credits: 33