Sustainability science students with professor doing hands-on work with photovoltaic solar cells

Program of Study

Sustainability Science, Sustainability Leadership Concentration (MS/PSM)

For the PSM in Sustainability Science with a concentration in Sustainability Leadership, students must complete 32 credit hours. Courses are offered sequentially during the fall, winter, spring and summer. For additional information, please contact your advisor to discuss your program of study.

Program Requirements

Code Title Credits
EAES 790 Colloquium in Environmental Management 1
EAES 591 Methods in Environmental Research 3
EAES 760 Organizational Environmental Management 3
EAES 565 Environmental Change and Communication 3
EAES 575 Environmental Economics 3
EAES 662 Energy and the Environment 3
EAES 592 Pro Seminar 3
EAES 509 Current Issues in Sustainability Science 3
EAES 586 Urban Contamination 3
EAES 696 Applied Research or Internship Project in Sustainability Science 6
EAES 790 Colloquium in Environmental Management 1