Family Members

Welcome to Montclair State University! We are so excited to welcome both you and your student into our University. As a parent/guardian, you will continue to play an important role in your student’s personal development and academic success.  The Family Orientation webpage is a great way to take part in, and support your student’s transition.  In addition, this website will provide you with the resources to familiarize yourself with the multitude of resources available to you and your student at Montclair State.

For additional resources, please see the side tab for our “Family Orientation Guide”.


Transfer Student Family Orientation

Students are allowed to bring one guest at a fee of $20. It is not mandatory for your student to bring a guest but we do still host a separate Family Orientation while your student is attending their own separate sessions. Sessions include transition to the university and ways that we can work together to support your student at Montclair State University. Please note that this orientation is not appropriate for children.


First Year Student Family Orientation

The Spring 2018 Student Orientation does not include a Family Orientation Session. Instead, we provide our Family members with presentations and resources on our website under the “Family Orientation Guide” page under our Family Members tab on the left hand side.