Meet the Orientation Team

Meet the Orientation Experience Team

Nathan Taylor
Assistant Director for Orientation Programs

Stephen Dolan
Coordinator for Orientation Programs

Orientation Experience Graduate Student Coordinators

Name: Pranav Gopalakrishnan
Program: Master’s in Business Administration
Expected Graduation Date: December 2023

Name: Kyle J. Cashin
Program: Master of Arts in Higher Education
Expected Graduation Date: May 2025

Name: Tejon Delancy
Program: Master of Science in Cyber Security
Expected Graduation Date: May 2025


Orientation Experience Undergraduate Student Staff

Orientation Experience Student Coordinators

Our Orientation Experience Student Coordinators are full-time undergraduate students working within our office throughout the academic year to help us plan, coordinate, and execute our orientation programs in the upcoming year!

Orientation Mentors

Updates are coming soon!

Orientation Leaders

Updates are coming soon!