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Why Enroll in an Off-Site Program

The Office of Off-Site and Special Programs was established to build a systematic and sustainable model for the delivery of academic, certificate and professional development programs at off-site locations within the State and, ultimately, beyond New Jersey. The College of Education and Human Services offers a wide range of programs that fall under the very broad fields of Education and Human Services, and as such, is very uniquely positioned to offer many of these programs off-site. The rich diversity of research and scholarship expertise also presents the coveted capacity to design and deliver innovative programs through inter-disciplinary collaborations. The Office of Off-Site and Special Programs harnesses the rich diversity of our renowned academic programs and makes them accessible to students, school districts, academic and non-academic institutions beyond Montclair. 

Top-Ranking, Accredited Programs

Montclair State University strives to meet learners where they are. This translates into programs being offered in traditional on-ground, online, off-site and hybrid formats. No matter the delivery format, all programs are taught by the same qualified faculty and receive the same diploma.

Montclair State University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Programs leading to a degree or certificate are approved by the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education of the State of New Jersey. Programs leading to NJ State certification are approved by the New Jersey Department of Education using the standards of the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification.

All our Off-Site programs are supported by the strategic development goals of Montclair State University as they appear in the current Connecting to Tomorrow Strategic Plan. The strategic plan offers the following five broad goals that form the collective vision for Connecting to Tomorrow:

  1. Connecting students with a successful future
  2. Connecting people and ideas
  3. Connecting to place
  4. Connecting globally
  5. Meeting challenges and opportunities on the way to tomorrow

Our Commitment to Montclair State University Students at Off-site Locations

  • Off-site locations will be easily accessible to all the students interested in our programs.
  • We provide administrative support for our off-site students. All admissions, registration and financial aid transactions are coordinated by a designated person from the OSSP.
  • Our commitment to our off-site students is that they will receive as close to an identical educational experience to the educational experience of our campus-based students.
  • We eliminate (to the extent that we can) the need to travel to the main campus – thus making the decision to pursue a degree or certificate program so much easier for our prospective students.