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Academic Support for Your Student

Your Student’s Academic Success Is Our Goal!

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Everyone at Montclair State is here to help your student succeed. Academic support comes in many different forms. The most important, of course, if from their individual professors. It’s important to remind your student to connect with their professors both inside the classroom and arranging to meet and discuss any questions or concerns with their professor during scheduled office hours.

Support Services

Here are some of the key academic support services to encourage your student to use:


Navigate is an online platform that connects your student to their academic advisor. It’s vital your student log into Navigate and learn how to make appointments and check their academic progress.

Center for Academic Success & Tutoring (CAST)

CAST is a great resource for your student. They hold valuable workshops and provide one-on-one tutoring. This is an important resource your students should get to know!

Center for Writing Excellence (CWE)

College requires a lot of writing and the CWE is there to help your student. Your student can attend one of their workshops or make a personal appointment to help with their class writing assignments or even work on their resume. They have many online resources as well!

Disability Resource Center (DRC)

The DRC provides assistance for students with physical, sensory, learning, psychological, neurological  and chronic medical disabilities. If your student self-identifies as needing academic assistance please encourage them to register with the DRC.

Sprague Library

It’s books and so much more! Sprague Library is a fantastic resource for your student! Librarians are there to assist your student in their research needs. The library has on-location and remote resources. A huge selection of books, periodicals, online databases and more. Your student really needs to get to know Sprague Library!

These are just a few of the many academic support resources available to your student. Tell your student to look for information in Red Hawk News and on the Student Services website about all the resources available to them!