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May 6 • “A New Solution to the Problem of Trading Up” • Rosalind Chaplin (NYU)

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Montclair Philosophy Workshop and Grad Celebration

MPW is an ongoing series of talks where philosophers meet to discuss new, cutting-edge work in all areas of philosophy. Everyone is welcome.

“A New Solution to the Problem of Trading Up”

Speaker: Rosalind Chaplin (NYU)

Description: The problem of trading up says that if we love our partners for their good qualities, then we have reason to abandon them when a person more perfectly exemplifying those qualities comes along. I propose a new solution according to which this problem rests on a misconception of the kinds of reasons we have for loving others. Our partners’ good qualities help to rationalize our love, but they do not give us the kinds of reasons that are apt to explain why we love our partners more than someone else, or rather than someone else. But as I argue, unless reasons for loving do provide reasons of this sort, the trading up objection cannot get off the ground.

Schmitt Hall, 104

May 6, 5:30PM–7:00PM

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