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Recent Research by Montclair Philosophy Faculty

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Recent Publications

• Meghan Robison’s paper, “From Expansionist Power to the Erosion of Bios in Arendt’s Interpretation of Hobbes” is forthcoming in Arendt Studies.

• Jon Morgan’s paper, “Content Externalism without Thought Experiments?” is forthcoming in Analysis.

• Jon Morgan’s paper, “The Phenomenal Representation of Size” is forthcoming in the Australasian Journal of Philosophy.

• Tiger Roholt’s chapter, “Performance, Technology, and the Good Life,” is now available at Oxford Academic Online, and forthcoming in The Oxford Handbook on the Phenomenology of Music.

• Jon Morgans paper, “What the Senses Cannot ‘Say’,” was published in Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 73 (2) 2023.

• Meghan Robison’s paper, “Mother Lords: Original Maternal Dominion and the Practice of Preservation in Hobbes,” was published in Hypatia 38 (1) 2023.

• Tiger Roholt’s book, Distracted from Meaning: A Philosophy of Smartphones, was published with Bloomsbury Academic, 2023.

• Tiger Roholt’s paper, “Being-with Smartphones” was published in Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology, Vol. 25 (2) 2021.

• Meghan Robison’s paper,  “The Appearance of Power in Hobbes’ Leviathan,” was published in Scienza & Politica: vol. 31 (60) 2019.

• Jon Morgan’s essay, “Naïve Realism and Phenomenal Overlap,” was published in Philosophical Studies 174 (5): 1243-1253. 2017.

• Tiger Roholt’s paper, “On the Divide: Analytic and Continental Philosophy of Music,” was published in The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, vol. 75, no. 1, 2017.

Recent Conference Presentations

• Jon Morgan delivered the paper “Carving Up Phenomenal Space,” at the 111th Annual Meeting of the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology. Cincinnati, Ohio. March, 2019.

• Meghan Robison delivered the paper, “Mother Lords and the Power of Preserving Life in Hobbes‘s Leviathan,” at the International Workshop on Hobbes and Gender, Institute for Political Science, FAU (Erlangen and Nuremberg, Germany). November 22–23, 2018.

• Meghan Robison delivered the paper, “Human Power Reconsidered: the Point of View of Life,” at Hobbes e il potere, University of Florence. May 17, 2018.

• Meghan Robison delivered the paper, “Life in Hobbes’ Leviathan,” at Colloque International Thomas Hobbes, October 27, 2017, Paris.

• Meghan Robison delivered the paper, “A Motion of Limbs: On the Movement of Life in Hobbes’ Leviathan,” at the Critical Philosophy of Life Conference at Duquesne University, hosted by Duquesne Women in Philosophy, March 24-25, 2017.

• Meghan Robison delivered the paper, “Moving in the State of Nature,” at the American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division Meeting, January, 2017.