Photo of students studying in front of windows with the New York City skyline

Strategic Plan

The University’s newest five-year strategic plan, published last year, provides a road map of opportunities for the new president to shape strategies and guide tactics. The guiding pillars are: Fostering Student Transformation, Growing Through Diversity and Access, and Discovery and Application of Knowledge.

The plan supports the campus community’s shared vision: to be nationally recognized as a premier public university, serving 25,000 students with programs from bachelor’s to PhD, providing our students with a welcoming, supportive and responsive experience that enables post-graduate success, continuing to be affordable and accessible, acclaimed for research contributions, valued for community and business partnerships, fiscally sound and nimble in business practices, and diverse in students and employees.

The plan is structured around three guiding “Pillars” or themes, each pointing toward and promoting student success at every level of the institution. It is built on the foundation of an entrepreneurial mind-set that empowers the University to be persistently innovative and demonstrably effective in the promotion of every policy and practice that will improve academic quality, promote student success and augment institutional communication and efficiency.

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