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Background of the Panama Canal

Fact sheet from the Panama Canal Company, 1996

The Rainforest Awakens My Senses

My very first walk into a rainforest was on Barro Colorado Island (B.C.I.), and I was anxious to find out how much a “real” rainforest would resemble all that I had studied, learned, and taught about this incredible tropical biome.

Bungle in the Jungle: What Not to Do

We all make mistakes.

Tropical Deforestation

Rainforest Unit Plan

Red-Naped Tamarin

by Katharine Milton, Ph.D.

Tropical Red-Tailed Squirrel

by Jacalyn Giacalone, Ph.D.

Spiny Rats

by Gregory H. Adler, Ph.D.

Spider Monkeys

by Katharine Milton, Ph.D.


Two-Toed, Choloepus Hoffmanni; Three-Toed, Bradypus Variegatus – by Jacalyn Giacalone, Ph.D.


Collared Peccary: Tayassu Tajacu by Barry R. Koffler


by Jacalyn Giacalone, Ph.D.