New Courses

New course proposals must be approved by the academic Department Curriculum Committee, Department Chair, College/School Curriculum Committee, College/School Dean and Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs. Forms for new course proposals are available from department chairs and the office of Summer Sessions and Curriculum Administration, 215 College Hall, extension 4352. It is also possible to download the forms from the Provost's Website found under the heading "Chair's Forms".

Required general education courses also must receive approval of the Gen Ed 2002 program director and the committee overseeing implementing the program.

Multicultural Awareness Requirement (MAR) courses also must receive the approval of the MAR Subcommittee of the UUCC.

Courses to be considered for the Graduation Writing Requirement (GWR) must also be approved by the Graduation Writing Requirement subcommittee of the UUCC.

In addition, courses in a program leading to teacher certification require the approval of the Certification Officer of Montclair State University. Contact the Center of Pedagogy at extension 4262 for more information. The Teacher Education Policy Committee (TEPC) also reviews teacher education program requirements.